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Palace Theatre

Manchester, NH


Since 1985, the Palace Theatre Trust and CMK Architects have collaborated on the incremental improvements to the theatre. Together, the team organized an agenda of much needed work to stabilize and improve the physical plant. Initially, the renovations included new lighting and rigging for the stage, a new light board to program production lighting, and the installation of rehabilitated period seating. Also, work included the removal of many layers of floor coverings. The radial pattern wood strip flooring was refinished and the house was repainted.

All items were aimed at updating the theatre, but also orchestrated in a manner to recapture its original splendor. The work was executed within extremely short periods of `shutdown` schedules, all dictated by surprisingly low budget allowances. Work at the Palace Theatre extended into the lobby, balcony and rest rooms. Work to the building's exterior included a new entrance, the addition of a marquee and a large, illuminated vertical sign spelling out "PALACE". The building's exterior marquee and sign were based on site research and limited photographic records. The design of this vertical sign seeks to replicate the original and has since become the logo of the theatre.