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Somerville Fire Station

Manchester, NH


Engine #7, the Somerville Street Fire Station, has been a fixture in the neighborhood since its construction just after the turn of the century. Originally designed for horse-drawn, steam-fired apparatus, it was adapted for motorized equipment. Most of the building's original features remained in place. On the first floor were the stables and day room while crew facilities and a ward room occupied the second floor. Because of the station's steep neighborhood history and strong community ties, the city chose to keep the original structure and integrate it into the new renovated and expanded facility.

The building was completely gutted. The structure was reinforced. The building was washed and new, custom-designed, energy-efficient windows were installed. The old apparatus bays were converted to a training room and offices. The day room was enlarged and enhanced. Crew quarters continue to be located on the second floor, along with a Lounge and full Rest Room facilities. The old metal cornice at the top of the building's exterior was beyond salvage and a new fiberglass cornice was fabricated. A new, three-bay Apparatus Wing was designed to complement the classical lines of the existing structure.

The new, renovated facility was recognized with a Preservation Award by the Manchester Historic Association.