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Lake Street Fire Station

Nashua, NH


Faced with tight quarters in their existing facility, the Fire Department of the City of Nashua needed to relocate the main station and administrative offices. A site was available on Lake Avenue, but it was immediately adjacent to a residential neighborhood. A series of meetings were held by the design team and the Fire Department with the neighbors to solicit their input into the design of this project. Beyond the programmatic requirements of this facility, it needed to be wholly sympathetic to the neighborhood, respect the physical scale, and the culture of the neighborhood.

These meetings resulted in a new building of 25,000 sq. ft. (including 2,000 sq. ft. of basement) and four drive-thru bays. The mass of the two story structure is broken up into smaller "wings". These wings are topped with sloped metal roofs, and even the generator is screened from the neighbors.

The resultant facility was embraced by the neighbors. They felt a part of the design process; their concerns were addressed.