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Goff Wilson Law Offices

Concord, NH

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Goff Wilson, P.A., attorneys on immigration matters, wanted to renovate their very conventional existing law offices into a modern and contemporary workplace. The firm also wanted the space to be user friendly to clients.

Premium exterior exposures were utilized for employee areas and the main conference rooms, further underscoring the importance of an interesting reception area. CMK Architects interjected a curvilinear reception area creating an upscale and comfortable entrance to the office. The reception space now bisects the very rectilinear plan creating points that peak into the corridor. This also helped to create an optical illusion of a shorter hall corridor. High end track lighting follows the curve, reinforcing the geometry and producing a high end interior.

Interior conference spaces were treated to full height glazing arranged in a free form zigzag pattern that allows the room to expand with light. Not only does the glazing add visual interest to the main hallway, it also helps to screen the view into each conference space providing more privacy.