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Tulley BMW Dealership

Nashua, NH

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The Tulley BMW dealership had extensive renovation and expansion program requirements. Not only did they need new space for office and training, but they also wanted to renovate their existing space for Volkswagen and Mazda as well as provide a separated detail department for all five of their franchises located at this complex.

The sloped site allowed for ground level access to both the second and first floors. This enabled the detail space to be located on the second floor adjacent to offices for the owners overlooking the BMW showroom. The detail department was also to be used as a loading dock so the structure needed to be increased in size to accommodate heavy parts such as engine blocks.

The building's two story design helps natural light penetrate deeper into the showroom and allows light and views to the second floor offices. The dealership also included several BMW standards such as the ceramic tile flooring in the service bays.

The arrangement of the dealership reflects the geometric shape of the existing dealership enhanced by covered canopies for showcasing new cars, service drop off, and new car delivery.