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University of New Hampshire Durham, NH

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The UNH Wildcatessen is a go-to C-Store (Convenience Store), located on the ground floor of Stillings Hall, University of New Hampshire. The original small, cluttered store of 800 square feet was totally gutted, completely renovated and expanded to over 1500 square feet over the summer break.

A new entrance was created to open onto a paved patio. New shelving, refrigerators and freezers were organized for maximum product display and easy maintenance. Storage was reorganized to maximize its use. The store also features a small grille to satisfy late-night hunger-pangs. To the rear of the store, space was created for the Administrative Offices of the Dining Hall Area Managers.

With its playful arrangement of form and color, the store was featured in the C/Stores on Campus Magazine, October 2007. Since its opening, Dining Hall Administration has recorded sharp increases in revenue over the old facility, thus endorsing the theory that a stimulating environment fosters sales.