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Library and Learning Center

New Hampshire Technical Institute Concord, NH

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The new Learning Center houses the library, media services, Career Center, the college store and enhances overall campus life. This Library for NHTI, a project handled through the Bureau of Public Works, (now Administrative Services), realized its goal, reducing the college-generated program of 40,000 sq. ft. to 26,000 sq. ft. through creative design, and using cost effective systems and materials.

Constructed in 2000-2001, within a budget of $3 Million, including furniture and equipment, the Library and Learning Center is the resulting product of a reassessment of the former facility, and how it was used, and how new programming, and arrangement of spaces, could result in a vastly improved facility.

Aaron Cohen, and Associates, Library Consultants, were retained by CMK for program planning. Through the employment of high-density storage shelving for the storage of reference periodicals, a substantial reduction in the total floor area was realized.