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Nute Library

Milton, NH

< K-12 Education

The library is a 4,200 square−foot building with a shared entrance to the Nute High School. It is one of the few combination school/public libraries operating in the state of New Hampshire. A large tower marks the entrance to allow easy night access for the library and act as the main vestibule to the school. In the 1800's, a trust, set up by a wealthy patron, completely funded and built this new library.

The committee wanted to make a statement for the town with a high visibility building. The new library was designed in the style of the original historic high school, taking care to match the brick and granite sills. A large skylight lets filtered light into the main reading room and also serves as a beacon at night. Large wooden trusses, actually made of dark stained laminated beams, provide necessary structural support and add interest to the large volume.

Two reading rooms were created within the building; one for a children's story hour and the other serving as a meeting room, classroom and adult reading room during the day. The bookcases and tables were custom built in order to provide larger table for users and to create a cohesive interior environment. With all these amenities for both the school and public, Nute Library has become a great community resource.