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Prospect Mountain High School

Alton, NH

< K-12 Education

Two towns, Barnstead and Alton, joined to form the first joint attendance agreement resulting in the need for an 800 student high school. Bid during high construction demand of 2003 the project was bid competitively with the two low bidders $50,000 apart on a $16,000,000 project.

The owner requested a circular corridor arrangement to avoid dead end corridors which resulted in an interior courtyard that is recessed 2 feet below the floor to minimize distraction to the classrooms.

The project was organized around a Main Street concept that allows the auditorium, cafeteria and gym as well as the library to be accessed after hours while securing the classroom wings.

The athletic fields include three soccer, baseball, softball, and a rubber running track, as well as field events like discus and long jump.