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Lake House Renovation

Alton Bay, NH

< Single Family

This vacation cottage, originally a 900 square foot 1970 chalet, needed substantial renovations in order to accommodate the growing extended family. Given the proximity of the neighbors and considering resale values, it was decided to design within the lake vernacular.

A second floor was added to the existing structure providing several new bedrooms and an additional bathroom. The existing deck was converted into a screened porch for more versatility. To increase storage, a multi-story barn was built for cars and boats. A new tower delivers 360 degree views of the lake while connecting the existing home and the new barn. Keeping energy efficiency in mind, the building has insulation values of R47 for the roof and R 26 for the walls.

With the open plan and exterior decks, the camp can now lodge 14 people without feeling cramped. Interestingly, this was designed during early 2000 when most renovations on the lake were tear downs resulting in 5,000 square foot mansions. Now with energy costs at a near high and the economy affecting income levels, the trend is to build smaller. By staying close to the original building footprint, the home was able to double its area but still stay compact at 1,800 square feet.